bread + lettuce Sepo Sauce

You can use SEPO as a sauce, dip, spread or salad dressing. Brightens up fried food and mellows out veggies for a well-rounded bite. Try our delicious Seponifiq Bread + Lettuce Sepo Sauce with:

Veggie Trays
Pita or Tortilla Chips
Tri Tip
Rib Eye
Grilled Chicken
Sauteed or Fried Fish
Bread Trays
Onion Rings
French Fries
Tempura Veggies

SEPO Turkey Wrap

A delicious source of protein!

1 slice smoked turkey breast
1 slice prosciutto
½ Tablespoon whipped cream cheese
2 teaspoons SEPO sauce
½ pepperoncini

Layer the turkey and prosciutto on top of each other. Spread the cream cheese and SEPO sauce on top of that and lay the pepperoncini on top and roll the whole thing up. Pop in in your mouth. Enjoy. Repeat.

SEPO’s Snap, Pop, Mmm!

6 Saltine crackers, Ritz or Rice crackers (for a gluten free snack)
6 teaspoons of SEPO Sauce
¼ cup of shredded cheddar cheese ….hmmm or even pepper jack
1 green apple- peeled and shredded or chopped fine

Fan out the crackers on a paper plate, add a teaspoon of SEPO to each cracker, a sprinkling of cheese, and apple. Yum yum eat 'em up.